Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A polite reminder.

Since I am getting way too many comments and mails regarding CWM/recovery not working with the Jugaad ROM, and that the Vol - + & Power combo is getting stuck on the boot screen, I thought I woould draw everyone's attention to what I wrote in the post dated January 25:

I have not touched the kernel, or the recovery image. This will restore FTM mode to the tablet. CWM won't be available for the time being, till a proper working version is available.

Again I say, you should read before attempting anything, for your own tab's safety. Clockwork MOD or any custom recovery WILL NOT WORK with the default (stock) /modified (Jugaad) ROM for now. We need the kernel sources to be developing on it further. So, kindly DO NOT ATTEMPT to install recoveries, if you are using my instructions dated 25/1/12.

There is NO Section II of steps for Jugaad.

Also, as some of you might have understood, please DO NOT MIX instructions/articles/posts. If anyone still wants CWM or Cyanogen, use 6/12/11 post & files ONLY.

I hope it is clear now.

If someone has mixed up, try booting into FTM mode and re-flash with the Jugaad files and instruction set.
For those people who are not able to access FTM mode:

1. Turn off your tablet.
2. Press and hold both Vol + and - buttons. Without releasing them, press Power. If you look carefully, the red LED will flash for a brief second, but the screen will remain black.
3. Connect your tab to your system and follow the steps for flashing Jugaad again.

Please note, that in this situation, though the tablet should appear in the Device Manager as a DFU port, still it will NOT show green READY in the MultiDL flasher program. This is absolutely normal. You will notice that the flashing will start and finish in some time.

The tab will not reboot automatically. You will have to pull out the battery and insert it again.

4. Now, press Vol - and Power. FTM should come up. Repeat flashing steps AGAIN. This is important in many cases to recover the NV Memory (IMEI etc.).
5. When the second flashing finishes, pull out battery, put it in, and boot again.

Also, I would like to tell you all that I have tried to detail the steps as simply as possible. No special knowledge is required to do all this. Still, if some people are getting problems and most of them aren't, this means you must not have read properly.

For the WiFi: many users have attempted the fix and shared with you the solution in comments. Look for them. If still, you are not able to do it, I will try and compose another article on the WiFi fix. But you must understand that it requires time and effort on my part, and I cannot guarantee you another post soon.


Sagar Agarwal said...

hi sarthi i want to install cyanogen i have followd ur instruction dated 6/12/11 still i am getting stuck on boot screen..(used only ur specified instructions)
tried every older recovery rom as well..

plz help..

Sagar Agarwal said...

u also said that using cm7 the touch dont work.. but i have downloaded all the 3 cm available for v9(stable,nighty and rc) i hope if you can get me to install cwm i cant try all the cm roms to tell they are working or not..

thx for ur support

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

I never said that touch won't work in CM7. kindly copy-paste my words and show to me, if I said so.

also, which bootscreen are you getting stuck on?

Sagar Agarwal said...

hey i emailed you to ask for help..
i am stuck on the air india screen..(jugaad rom)

you also said cwm cannot work in jugaad rom so i also have rel original rom..
plz help to install cyanogen.. thx

Sagar Agarwal said...

success story :
i installed another rom based on some russian telecom(BEELINE_V9V100B08).
then i installed cwm
it got updated to cyanogenmod 7.2.0-RC1.

touch, sensors and camera working.
wifi does not scan nw and it says forceclose setting process..(problem with my nv i think)

ill update you tomorrow with some more info.
and also try the nighty and stable..

thx for ur support..
u really made me go for it..
thank u capt.

Sagar Agarwal said...

still not able to get wifi and bt working..
hoping u could be of any help..

and plz start working to get ics on this tab.. humble request..

Anonymous said...
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Sagar Agarwal said...
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Anonymous said...
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Siddharthkota said...

hey sarthi
i sent u a mail but u dint responded at all!!! i want to discuss something related to ics on our tablet.. do reply...

Sagar Agarwal said...

hey i want to run ics on my tablet too.. could u help?

Vishal Mishra said...

ICS needs minimum of 1ghz Processor to run

Anonymous said...

Hey, How can I run motion sensing games like NFS etc. on this Jugaad ROM..

Sagar Agarwal said...
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Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

sensors (both for auto-rotation and motion based games) are working perfectly in the Jugaad ROM.

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

moreover, compiling any new version of android for any device will need atleast one set of kernel sources. we don't have any.

Sagar Agarwal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sagar Agarwal said...

hey sarthi could u plz tell what are you working on next for this tablet..
can you maybe give a hint so some questions might come to rest..

Sagar Agarwal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Siddharthkota said...

ics is running on my Sony ericcson x8, 600 mhz processor... so update ur info abt 1ghz processor requirement

dikar_genri said...

working advenced recovery CWM http://depositfiles.com/files/741f40fg0
don't forget install adb driver!
install CWM recovery
1. Download cwm recovery: recovery-v9c.img
2. adb reboot bootloader
3. fastboot flash recovery recovery-v9c.img
4. fastboot reboot

Anonymous said...

Sir,my motion sensors like auto orientation are not working after jugaad rom installation ...Please help...

Honey said...

Everything working fine after flashing with the jugaad rom ..

1).sim is unlocked
2).wi-fi worked - after editing the 2 files in /system/etc folder
3).Auto rotate is working

Added handcent sms for messaging ..
but one thing MX video player is getting installed but is not displayed as an app on the screen and so can't be opened .. using Moboplayer (but its not as good as MX player)..

I installed Quadrant standard edition and it gave a quadrant score of 643 only ( can't see any visible speed improvement over stock rom ).

I installed the yahoo audio video messenger - but the video taken by front cam is upside down.

Zigmee said...

can ny1 help me change the air india boot logo or a way to remove it??i wud b vry thankful.

Sagar Agarwal said...

i manage to change myself.. ill email you..

Zigmee said...

my email id is me.fabulous.me@gmail.com.do mail me.thank u.!!

Unknown said...

hi capt.
thankx a lot for the gr8 job.
we r waitting for u r next release ics on it

suggestion for recovery the stroke MSG application

1. install stroke rom
2. install es file manager
3. find system/ app
4. copy the mms.apk and mms.odex on your sd card
5. now install jugaad rom
6. install es file manager
7. enable root access as writable by setting
8. copy mms.apk and mms.odex to system/app
rboot your device
and enjoy...

Hemant G said...

hi sir,this is hemant i had done the unlock procedger succefuly only the wifi is not
working bcoz it is not giving the proper mac id ,how to get the same.plz help

raj_bhagalpur said...

Install rom toolbox from market, go to boot animation, download of your choice, install n enjoy.

raj_bhagalpur said...

Install rom toolbox from market, go to boot animation, download of your choice, install n enjoy.

raj_bhagalpur said...

Install rom toolbox from market, go to boot animation, download of your choice, install n enjoy.

raj_bhagalpur said...

Install rom toolbox from market, go to boot animation, download of your choice, install n enjoy.

Faiz said...

Stuck on ftm screen after following all steps. Help is appreciated.

Siddharthkota said...

hey sarthi, pls mail me on sid.kota123@gmail.com
i have many things to discuss including ics and improving stock rom performance!
Hope 2 hear from u soon buddy!



Anil said...

Hey restore using the nv file i'll send you. Give me your email id or mail me at anild7411@gmail.com

Anirudh said...

Go to play store and download "Handcent SMS" or "Go SMS Pro" application and enjoy

X Lin said...

Anyone can confirm that GPS is functioning? Some user at Taiwan have flushed Juaard ROM with perfect performance except for GPS. Thanks!

sunny said...

How should i get back to other version, as i dont want it now?

sunny said...

my bluetooth and wifi is not working?

Anonymous said...

Sarthi, I have a factory ZTE V9C (not from Reliance). Please contact me on google circles (I have added you just now). This ROM is factory clean, with no operator bloatware or locks. It still needs to be rooted, but I wanted to discuss that with you first if there is any value to you or the community with this.

Anonymous said...


docblog said...

Dear Sarthi,
I understand that you must be busy and find it difficult to respond to all the comments, but I hope you can find time to respond to me.
I followed your instructions and was finally successful in unlocking the V9c yesterday, but with a few glitches-
1. the calls are okay, but it's not able to access GPRS. Even the settings download failed.
2. there is some problem with wifi, its not able to connect to wifi network. A message is displayed when I turn on the wifi that your phone doesn't support the mac address, pls contact....

Can you help me with these? At best is it possible to revert the tab to its original state?

I'm not a tech guy, but a doctor. May be you feel it worthwhile responding to me at sharlok78@gmail.com...

Rajesh Kamath said...

which files did you edit nv4319.txt fv4329.txt

Rajesh Kamath said...

which gsm carrier you are using and the location

- = Bunty = - said...

Sarhti Sir, I agree that others do not have the right to earn money for your work and good to see that u removed it. I flashed my tab using your instructions only and it worked like charm. May I ask, are you working on getting ICS on tab....I am looking for it, if you can provide some light on it please.

vanilaguy said...

sarthi said above, and i quote:
So, kindly DO NOT ATTEMPT to install recoveries, if you are using my instructions dated 25/1/12.


vanilaguy said...

has this been verified?

vicky saha said...

hey, same problem here.. i tried rooting. but my home screen, back button along wd the touchsceen stopped working.. so i had to switch back to original reliance firmware. but i really wanna try the custom rom. any solutions, y the touch dont work???

Anonymous said...

bootanimation is different from air india splash screen. what zigmee wants is to remove/change the air india splash screen, it is the very first picture you seen when tablet is turned on.

Anonymous said...

can you email me how to change air india splash screen too? vanilaguy@yahoo.com thanks!

Anonymous said...

i have same issue too. movie is very slow. audio is not synching. any fix for this? vanilaguy@yahoo.com thanks!

Riddhi Ghosh said...

please can u send me the rom..
email - remomanu93@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

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Ketan Patel said...

following this guidelines for flashing pressing volume + and - key along with power key, and again reflashing, i m unable to boot the Tab.

Everytime it goes to FTM mode only

I think NV Memory (IMEI etc.) data is lost in this process, how to recover NV Memory (IMEI data)?

Please help