Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A polite reminder.

Since I am getting way too many comments and mails regarding CWM/recovery not working with the Jugaad ROM, and that the Vol - + & Power combo is getting stuck on the boot screen, I thought I woould draw everyone's attention to what I wrote in the post dated January 25:

I have not touched the kernel, or the recovery image. This will restore FTM mode to the tablet. CWM won't be available for the time being, till a proper working version is available.

Again I say, you should read before attempting anything, for your own tab's safety. Clockwork MOD or any custom recovery WILL NOT WORK with the default (stock) /modified (Jugaad) ROM for now. We need the kernel sources to be developing on it further. So, kindly DO NOT ATTEMPT to install recoveries, if you are using my instructions dated 25/1/12.

There is NO Section II of steps for Jugaad.

Also, as some of you might have understood, please DO NOT MIX instructions/articles/posts. If anyone still wants CWM or Cyanogen, use 6/12/11 post & files ONLY.

I hope it is clear now.

If someone has mixed up, try booting into FTM mode and re-flash with the Jugaad files and instruction set.
For those people who are not able to access FTM mode:

1. Turn off your tablet.
2. Press and hold both Vol + and - buttons. Without releasing them, press Power. If you look carefully, the red LED will flash for a brief second, but the screen will remain black.
3. Connect your tab to your system and follow the steps for flashing Jugaad again.

Please note, that in this situation, though the tablet should appear in the Device Manager as a DFU port, still it will NOT show green READY in the MultiDL flasher program. This is absolutely normal. You will notice that the flashing will start and finish in some time.

The tab will not reboot automatically. You will have to pull out the battery and insert it again.

4. Now, press Vol - and Power. FTM should come up. Repeat flashing steps AGAIN. This is important in many cases to recover the NV Memory (IMEI etc.).
5. When the second flashing finishes, pull out battery, put it in, and boot again.

Also, I would like to tell you all that I have tried to detail the steps as simply as possible. No special knowledge is required to do all this. Still, if some people are getting problems and most of them aren't, this means you must not have read properly.

For the WiFi: many users have attempted the fix and shared with you the solution in comments. Look for them. If still, you are not able to do it, I will try and compose another article on the WiFi fix. But you must understand that it requires time and effort on my part, and I cannot guarantee you another post soon.