Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Again, Root and Unlock of the Reliance 3G Tab.

### Every single hardware component is working perfectly as before. ###

This was as perfect as I could go. There is nothing wrong in this ROM.

I am, as usual, not responsible for anything YOU do to YOUR tab. Still, I will try to help to the best of my capabilities. Post a comment for issues/thanks.

/* I request EVERYONE to please do a thorough reading of the previous post dated 07/12/11. Though its procedure has been superseded by this build, but still it is VERY important to understand how the things work. And I'm not going to detail that much again. Spare time, and study. Its only 3300 words. */

If 3,500 people have opened up the original post in the previous one-and-a-half months, I think, to some extent, मेरी महनत रंग लायी।

//It will be good if you try to read this too. A bit more technical post, I agree, but will benefit. Still, if you don't want to, just do the procedure.

= As always, this is free. But still, it took me a considerable time. Twenty hours of work per day. So, if anyone feels like 'donating', he may top-up my cell number with whatever amount he feels like. Its a BSNL.

The person who tries to root and unlock anyone's tab with MY files, taking money for it, will face the wrath of hell. Of course, you can go and help your friends, but please remember, had it been something which could be sold, I would have done it in the first step.

I repeat again. Its MY work. Something I did for MY own tab. Just sharing this with everyone. This ROM is NOT for sale.

$ visit Arpan Deb's blog. Nice read. Funny at times. And there only, it all started.

Happy 63rd Republic Day to all Indians.

To all. Welcome!

Instructions: Section One in my previous post. Steps 1 to 16, only, verbatim. Except, use instead of the link mentioned in Step 1. Here is the guide, corrected:

1. Download the above file on your desktop and extract it.
2. Turn the tablet off.
3. Press and hold the VOL - button. Without releasing it, press and hold the POWER button also. Do not release any of them for ~15 seconds.
4. This will take you either to the FTM mode, in which big letters with white background will appear on the screen, or the ClockWorkMod recovery, if you had installed CM7. Both scenarios are O.K.
5. Connect the device to the computer with any nicely-working micro-USB cable.
6. Open Start menu, right-click on Computer, select Properties. Click on Device Manager (top left).
7. Expand the Ports (COM & LPT) section. You will see a ZTE Handset Diagnostic Interface (DFU) entry. Note down the COM port number that appears in front of it.
8. Open the folder you extracted the downloaded file to. Start Sales_MultiDL_MSM7227_patched.exe
9. Choose Option -> Port Config and configure the COM on Line 1 -- DIAG to the port number you noted down above. Click OK when finished.
10. If you followed the steps correctly, at 1., you will see your device's name in the SW box and a READY in green at the right. If not, repeat steps 2-9.
11. Choose "Backup NV" in 'Action Mode' and click "Start All". Wait. Now a file called Channel1.nvm will be created in that directory, ~70 KB. Make a copy of it somewhere else, e.g. your Documents folder. This is very important, even though it won't be used normally. Helps you restore accidentally-lost IMEI.
12. Switch action mode to "Download" and click on "SW Directory". Choose the "files" folder, which is inside our extracted to directory. Click OK.
13. Say 'Jai Mata Di' and click "Start All".
14. After 3-4 minutes it should have finished flashing. Disconnect the USB cable and remove the battery from your Tab.
15. Put the battery back after ~10 seconds and power up the device normally, i.e. using only the power button, as you usually do.
Be patient. It will take some time to boot. And here on, its a new set.
16. Complete the V9C First Run Wizard. This will assure you that the touchscreen is working.

You will have to add access point specific to your service provider using the android settings menu.

Changes here, with respect to the Original ZTE Firmware:

1. Rooted.
2. Bootloader Unlocked, i.e. full root access.
3. Changed power-on (splash) image.
4. Changed boot animation (removed the irritating Reliance one).
5. Deleted many applications, which came pre-installed as system apps. They can be re-installed through the market.
6. Changed in-built Launcher with Zeam (lighter, faster).
7. Modified partition table. 275 MB of internal memory now.

Everything else remains same.

over factory-shipped Reliance tablet: none.
over previous CM7 customized tablet: little slow. no CWM.

Read on for details:

I hope, that most of you have at least read (if not enacted), my previous post. It described some fundamentals, and the not-so-very-easy procedure to unlock the V9C (which is a famous device), and install the infamous CyanogenMod ROM, which is meant for its younger cousin, the V9.

Which, unfortunately, doesn't has a front camera. And an Atheros chipset for Bluetooth & Wi-Fi. And some different sensors. Because of the slightly different hardware, the V9 ROM we flashed was not able to support the Broadcom 4319 chipset, and the front VGA camera.

On android, installing drivers is not as simple as in Windows. An entirely fresh kernel is required. Which by no standards is an easy job. Moreover, we didn't knew what components does the V9C uses, since without a root on the stock ROM, nothing is visible.

Now, the ZTE V9 happens to be a widely sold and supported device, and there is a huge developer community for it. Even those people were unable to help since no one had the stock firmware for V9C. Had we got that, it would have been easier to extract/modify the kernel, root it, and tweak it so that it gets unlocked.

We have it now. And that's exactly what I did.


1. ZTE never released the ROM for this device. I talked to them, and they said they won't. Only service centre guys were authorised to have it, but they won't give it to anyone.

2. NO method of unlocking, or NO person, whether working for money or otherwise, is authorized by ZTE. And NOTHING can get your warranty back if they get to know your tab has been unlocked/tweaked/modded/played with. Its clearly mentioned on the Warranty Card.

3. This tab CANNOT be bricked unless specifically intended to. And once it is actually bricked, it goes to a point where it does nothing. No, not even the startup LED. And then the service center promptly attend to it and replace the PCB (mainboard), which makes it exactly like it was. With stock firmware and everything. And that too, for free.

I know this because I myself got this done. But do not attempt till actually required.

Now, the chain of events in January, 2012.

I happened to find a method to extract the system partition out of the tablet. But, since I was running CM7 at that time, I had no way out.

Desperate, I flashed ZTE Blade II firmware on the tab. As expected, bricked. And replaced. Was back on the stock firmware, again. And locked.

Took out the files. I was able to see every single driver and configurations the tab used. Tried coupling them with lots of kernels/boot images. None worked.

The conclusion:

system and boot cannot work independently. There are some parts of the boot.img, which explicitly control how the tablet starts up. So, even though all the files are correct, but since there is no one who knows that they must be loaded, it doesn't start.

Missing my BSNLnet, and root access, I flashed back to CM7, but sitting on top of the /system files. Somehow, they inspired me.

The only guy, who happened to have to have the ROM, won't give it to anyone, since he had made a business out of it. Taking money from people who needed their wi-fi back, just to flash it on the tab. Never handed over the files. Ethically not correct, because even he was not authorized to have it. And we all had as much right as he did.

*चोर के घर में डकैती पड़ी।*

I thank the guy named Jimmy Sidhu with all my heart. HE did it. Took the ROM from the chor and uploaded. Dude, you will be blessed by many.

And then, I was back on work.

When I downloaded the Stock firmware, I was relaxed, since I can now switch at will to tweak things. A simple look into the firmware files had told me that:

1. The lock is in the Stock System Files. As some libraries, supported by something in the NAND chip. Something actually has been hard-coded. I suspected it to be the firmware, since when we earlier flashed it with the V9 set of files, the firmware had also got overwritten. That is why, maybe, other SIMs started working.

2. This cannot be rooted easily. No exploit will work, since the bootloader is locked. i.e. the boot partition has something in it which prevents changes being made to it.

3. Once someone flashes with the Stock, he will obviously have wifi etc. back, but he again will be stuck with the RGSM payload and less internal memory.

Anyhow, I flashed my tab with the Original Firmware shared by jimmy. To my extreme surprise, it was still unlocked.

How did this happen?

As it turned out, yes, there were libraries blocking the SIM slot to a specific operator. But then again, it must be dependent on something.

Its in the V9 Windows Flasher mechanism which we use. Anyone who has watched it work will understand now:

a. It backs up the NVRAM. More commonly called the NV Items, these attributes store the IMEI, MAC addresses, etc. This is later restored to the handset.

b. It deletes EVERYTHING. Absolute zeroing out. This is done by flashing the low-level firmware onto the set. (armprgZTE.bin).

c. It starts loading the files, one by one. NAND is partitioned (partition_zte.mbn). Baseband loaded (amss.mbn). system.img. boot.img. recovery.img. etc.

d. It restores the NV items back.

I thought it was in either the baseband or firmware which locks it. But, actually it was in the NV.

But how does this happens, because flasher restores the items in the end?

*The ZTE windows flasher backs up and restores only those NV items which it is aware of. It somehow, leaves the operator lock aside. When the board is flashed, everything gets deleted, including the lock. Then, when others are written, lock is omitted, since it was never copied.*

This means, that whatever ROM one flashes using that software for the first time, will unlock his tablet forever. Even if it is the original Reliance firmware.

Next, I wanted to root it. Obviously. For the usual benefits. Powerful software, removing irritating operator customizations, and stuff. But more than all this, the internal memory.

As said, no exploit would work.

That left only one option, which I did, and got through many things in the process:

1. I modified the system image. Opened it up, copied root binaries.

2. Deleted orkut/facebook/blah blah etc.

I did this because I wanted to make the system partition as compact as possible. All these apps can be installed later on, easily, on the user data space, if that's sufficiently large enough.

3. Changed the Reliance boot animation. (I HATED IT!!!). The new one seems nice to me, and is good for a change.

4. Changed the default, buggy, space-hogging launcher with a minimalistic, blazing fast one, for starters.

5. Reduced the size of the system partition image to ~130MB from ~195MB. Re-packed it.

6. Modified the boot image to make it insecure. In other words, unlocked the bootloader.

7. Modified the splash image. You'll get to know what it is.

8. Removed a few ringtones, apart from the pre-installed XT9 keyboard input method, since these were taking up a lot of space. Had to do it.

9. Modified the partition table. This was, by far, the most complicated and difficult part. The new ones stand as follows (I'm specifying only the important ones):

DATA : 273 MB

Data is the internal memory, on which application and their temporary files/caches are stored. Many people have said that the Reliance Tab's memory is insufficient. This was just an oversight in partitioning by the original programmers.

Those who used the CM7 guide in between must have realized that having ample userdata space actually takes away the daily disprin one might need otherwise. And I didn't want them to feel cramped again. Hence the repartitioning, and deletion of pre-installed system apps.

PLEASE DON'T CRIB ABOUT IT. Every single application which I deleted from the stock, was either useless, or can be installed again. It actually improves stability if apps do not work out from the system area. Still, if someone still uses Orkut, please re-install it from the market. Nothing is lost.

***ALL SYSTEM CORE FILES, FIRMWARES, CONFIGS, FRAMEWORKS, ESSENTIAL APPS, ARE STILL THERE***. This is just to make you believe that you are still using the Original Software.

The previous guide made use of the CyanogenMod ROMs and kallt_kaffe's ( custom partitioning table.

This one, has everything edited by me and myself. The only contribution I had was the stock ZTE V9C Reliance firmware. If anyone is to curse or bless, it will fall on me solely.

By slow, I mean comparing to a CM7-installed tab. NOT THE STOCK. This ROM, which I made, will for sure be faster than the original one, since it is rooted. But slower than the Cyanogen. Due to overclocking not being there.

I have not touched the kernel, or the recovery image. This will restore FTM mode to the tablet. CWM won't be available for the time being, till a proper working version is available.

Please respect the power of #. It can do anything to a perfectly OK-working installation. So, think before you type 'su'.

My work is not finished yet. This was the first release. Next, I have to overclock the kernel. Maybe port it to CyanogenMod. Compile a custom recovery. ICS. And what not...

Signing off.

Take Care.


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Arijit Roy said...

Awesome Work bro .. :D

Anonymous said...

Really awesome work but why my wifi not working? will you please guide?

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

Please tell me the steps and error messages, by which you got to know that your wifi is not working.

serguwa said...

Good work.
few comments.
1. if you are not correct wi-fi automaticalu insert program wich posible change mac adress.(do it manualy from file not simple)
2. insert in rom LOCALE (one language and keyboard is not enough.)

agoel6 said...

Dude, while this is great and would probably make my year. I got one issue when running the V9 flasher program. Firstly, I couldn't find the Channel1.nvm in the directory but somewhere deep in C:\Windows. But I moved past that to the next step. It comes with an error message saying "Can not download armprg.bin" and then an error "Line1 fail£¬ please reset modem manually". After which I have to take out my battery and put it back in again. Any ideas?
Thanks a bunch.

serguwa said...

how about skype? some one can use front caera for video call?

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

as per me, there is no issue with wifi. MAC addresses appear in status the first time you turn on the wifi and bluetooth radios.

keyboards and their languages can be added thru the market only..

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

channel1.nvm file won't be there in the directory by default. it would appear when the flash is run.

and, btw, when did i say anything about a V9 flasher program? :) I think you are getting little confused mixing Ari's and mine procedure.

I have used the MSM7227 MultiDL program, which is there in the ZIP file. Please follow ONLY the steps i wrote. Still, if you face ny problems, send me screenshots on my mail ID.

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

Skype, as of now, works on only limited devices. I can make it work, but that'll involve making the tablet believe that its a Galaxy S2 (which can be dangerous). I am finding other alternatives for video chat.

serguwa said...

what you mean appear? yes. bit wi-fi adress is 11:22:33:44:55:66 bt adres is 00:00:00:00:00:01
and wi-fi permanently reconnect. i edit file and resolve problem. but read/many people have this problem.

serguwa said...

if you can - teach us. I try oficial and 2 diferent patched version skype with force video enable. but after that skype close after login. sad. (why 2 camera in this pad if i cant use it)

ro1407 said...

Captain, My installation stopped half way at 37 and now when i am trying to start it, it is getting stucked at the CM7 screen. When i switch off the device and try to start in recovery mode it is not starting. When in switch off mode i insert the cable then it the dfu comes for some seconds in device manager and then again the tab vibrates and dfu is gone. After some time i get a message that Unrecognised USB device and i am not able to find the drivers for it. So practically as of now my tab is Dead. Please help.

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

even I saw many guides concerning the issue. but couldn't incorporate into the ROM, since everyone has a different MAC address.

can you please post here the link of the fix guide you used for MAC addresses of wifi? I'll try to simplify it and tell others. thanks.

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

skype won't. its deeply dependent on the device hardware.

fring should. i'll try fring and yahoo, and tell in sometime.

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

CM7 screen?? where the hell did CM come from??

my new ROM is totally free of cyanogen dude.. what did you try? which files and procedure? plz let me know.

agoel6 said...

Well I'll be damned. Firstly, I used the MSM7227 MultiDL program, the title of the program once you open it is "V9 flasher patched by radmir. So that's what I meant by that.

But, today I tried and it worked! I'm assuming some difficulties in connecting with the server if it had trouble downloading files.

Now, new problem :(. WiFi does not work. I was reading the posts above about the MAC address. Currently, the wifi is stuck in a cycle: it goes "Disconnected" -> "Scanning" -> "Connecting" -> "Disconnected". I have two networks that it was connected to (one secure, the other unsecure). Also get an error when enabling WiFi that says: "Your phone doesn't write MAC address, Please Confirm!"

Can I change my MAC address back? Is it on Channel1.nvm file?

Hemant Wadhwani said...

I am also not able to get my wifi back
I am ok to play around with anything on my tab.
Can you please guide me how to get it back
When I enable wifi it flash a message :-
"You Phone Doesn't Write MAC address, Please Confirm"

Then the status keeps on revolving:-
Connecting ...

Connecting ...

Can you please help me to fix my MAC and wifi.

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

this seems to be a very common issue. since there are many guides available for its solution, I myself got confused which to follow one. couldn't test myself as I don't use wifi.

sergu here seems to have found a solution. I'm waiting for his reply.

Hemant Wadhwani said...

Hi Capt.
Thanks for the reply.
I also noticed that messaging application is not there .
What should I do to get it back.
I have to send some messages to Airtel to get 3g settings.

Anonymous said...

The same problem as Hemant described.

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

download an app called Handcent SMS. that's a better messaging application.

please note, that my objective of this was taking off apps from the system partition, and hence making more space available on the user partition, so that you can choose what apps to install and what not.

as for wifi, i'll let you know by monday about the solution. travelling, and i don't have any router around me to check.

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

kindly wait for two days. rest assured, its not a big issue. shall be solved soon.

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

many people are facing the wifi issue. don't worry, you probably won't be required to edit the NV for this. there's a simple text file which can be edited through the tab itself, since we already have root.

i'm on it.

Hemant Wadhwani said...

Thanks a tonne !!

I just wanted to know the alternative.. I understand the motivations behind removing the default apps.. I too wanted to remove many of them which were sticking ..

Only thing now I want is to get my Wifi back .. that would be a great help..

I will check the post on Monday.

Thanks Again.

Anonymous said...

I know that Sarthi...someday sooner or later you will crack it..hats off bro.

Avni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ro1407 said...

I have downloaded the files you have uploaded but when i was updating it, the installation stopped at 37/100 with a message Timeout. Since full firmware was not updated the CM7 screen is coming. Only that screen remains on the screen. When i On tab Com port is detected but only for 10 sec then it goes away and unknown hardware come. When i am using the Sales file it is saying that arm...bin file not found. Is there any way to update the firmware in switched off mode.

agoel6 said...

Just one last thing to consider. I know people are talking about getting a program to change the MAC address. I've been looking it up and I think there's a way to do it with ES File Explorer. But, without internet we cannot install the applications!
There is another way to install using the SDK but I don't want another program on my comp. Anyway to edit the file through my PC? Does root access allow me to view files through my PC?

Rakesh said...

How to get your mac address back after rooting even if u did not wright it down before rooting and u don't need to hook up to pc right step 1 go on market search and look for (es file explorer) install open and go to settings grant it root access and grant wright data then still in settings set home directory as (/) right go out of settings and go to (/system/etc/nv_4319.txt & 4329.txt) open with es note editor scroll down until u find #macaddr=(your mac address) and underneath that is macaddr=11:22:33:44:55:66 change this to your mac address exit save on both the files and that's it

Rakesh said...

you can also do it with root explorer and open the files with text editor. save & delete the backup files created. You should be good! Thats how I did it.

Arijit Roy said...

Yes it is a common issue on my blog too .. i use wifi and mine worked like butter with the Rel ROM i havent tried yours coz my tab is still in service centre..

Anonymous said...

I was able to open the same files but after editing the file is not saving.

agoel6 said...

Make sure you've mounted the system. It is the option of ES explorer below the root access option. Mount the system, change, then unmount.

agoel6 said...


(For Android 2.3.4, not CM7)

Since you don't have internet on Android, you need to install ES File Explorer manually.

1. Download Android SDK here:, download "" archive (or relevant version).
2. Run "SDK Manager.exe" from archive.
3. Select "Android SDK Tools", "Android SDK Platform-Tools" and "Google USB Driver Package" (Rev. 4).
4. Install the 3 packages.
5. On your ZTE V9C (V 2.3.4, not CM7), go to Settings > Applications > Unknown sources and make sure it is checked.
6. Go to Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging and make sure it is checked (might get a warning, press OK).
7. Connect device to Computer. Make sure USB Storage is OFF (MUST BE OFF).
8. Download ES File Explorer apk here: Keep track of download destination directory.
9. Open Command Prompt (Start > Run > Type "cmd" > OK)
10. Type the following in Command Prompt: adb install <1>\<2>.apk where <1> is the directory of the ES File Explorer and <2> is the file name of the ES File Explorer apk (changes with version). It should install. After installation, you can unplug USB cable.
11. Open ES File Explorer on ZTE V9C Tab
12. Go to Settings > Root Settings > Root Explorer and check the box. SuperUser will come up and ask for you to confirm giving the application root access. Confirm OK.
13. Go to Settings > Root Settings > Mount File System and check the box.
14. Navigate to "/system/etc/nv_4319.txt" and "/system/etc/4329.txt". This may be tricky but the files are there. Just make sure you're not looking the SD Card or the Data folder. Use the "Folder Up" button at the top if you need to.
15. Open both files with ES Note Editor. Scroll down until you find entries #macaddr=[your mac address] and underneath that is macaddr=11:22:33:44:55:66. For both files change 11:22:33:44:55:66 to [your mac address] (they will be different). Make sure to save each file before exiting.
16. Go back to Settings > Root Settings > Mount File System and uncheck the box.
17. Close everything and WiFi should work.

This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Sarthi the WiFi issue is solved now,but as we have the official ROM with us can we root it by any means? If you know please guide because it has unlocked the TAB only root access can help ES file explorer to change the MAC address and make the wifi working. Also please guide how you have customized the boot screen with air india picture?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Rakesh and Agoel for solving the wifi issue.


I cld do it for WiFi connectivity:
Above agoe16 method, I modified as follows:
Instead For steps 1 to 10, I directly downloaded ES file explorer on tab and installed it.
Followed steps 11 to 13 as above.
in same settings of ES file explorer, set HOME Directory as /system/etc inplace of default /sdcard. (then step 14 not required, as both 4319 and 4329 files are in this folder)
Step 15: Locate line entry starting with #macaddr , remove #. Put # in other macaddr with entry 11:22:...... (do for both files). Save files.
Step 16: as above.
Reboot machine (power on & off). It will work

agoel6 said...

Nice Sahib. How did you directly download ES file explorer on tab? Through market?

One note: your machine might still give the "Your phone doesn't write MAC address, Please Confirm!" error.

agoel6 said...

Also, is this CM7 ready? Or will I lose my net access like in the previous post?

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

the ROM I posted above is rooted.

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

this ROM has nothing to do with CyanoGen. atleast for now. this is the original ZTE rom, rooted and optimized.

for the one who is getting stuck at 37 percent installation: dude, you must have gone wrong somewhere. because others are anyways running it. still, try download mode.

turn off tablet. take out battery. replace after 10secs. put on back cover. hold both + and - volume keys. while holding them pressed, and looking at the LED, press power button. it should flash red for a very brief time.

if it does, release all three buttons. there will be no activity on the screen. only LED.

this is download mode. plug in usb cable to computer now. it should get recognized as DFU device. proceed with flashing again.

wifi: no need for laptop/adb. this can be done thru the tab.

download 'file manager' by rhythm software. market.

using this, navigate to /etc. move nv_4319 and nv_4329 text files to /mnt/sdcard.

open sdcard. edit both files one by one. feed the SAME mac address in both instead of 11:22... and save these files.

move them back to /etc.


you might have to enable read/write access in file manager's preferences if this fails.

ro1407 said...

Thanks Capt. I will try to boot my tab in download mode as you have mentioned above and will let you know the result.


Yes--it is free download. Error is still appearing--working out. One note: # means --a comment, OS ignores the command. (it is like ; in old days DOS)

ro1407 said...

First let me Thanks you for Un-Bricking my Tab. I did the process as you told me and it entered into Download mode and then i successfully installed the firmware you have provided. But now when i am starting it, it automatically goes to FTM mode after your Air India boot screen comes. Let me know what and where have i gone wrong.

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

now, using ftm mode, do the flash again. this time it should finish properly. this is the second part of the unbricking procedure.

let me know what happens.

LuckyStars said...

Saarthi, do you have some time to spare for the SPice MI 720 ROM, I have gathered all the required drivers and changed config files. But am short on time, if few people collaborate may be we can create a firmware for that.

Also I have asked companies like NXG for the source of XTAB, XTAB2 and upcoming XTAB3.

May be we can create a good rom for those tabs too.


Rocky Murpani said...

How do i know my own mac add plz help me.......

Rocky Murpani said...

I got it was a silly question

ro1407 said...

Yeh Bad Luck kab khatam hoga. Capt as you told i flashed it for the 2nd time and when it started i saw some reflashing is going on. I then realised that there was a image file in image folder on sd card. Now when i am starting my tab a junk screen with half blank screen and half screen with some lines. I am not able to boot it in download mode. Now i can see Adb interface in device manager. When i type adb devices it shows ? recovery. When i give adb reboot it reboots and back to the same. Can you advice what to do.

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

dude, the img file you had in your sdcard has helped you to fully brick your tab. i am sorry.

one should always take a precaution to keep the sdcard out while doing flashing etc.

what you have done is, probably flashed a blade firmware. this is irrecoverable.

keep your tab on in the half-screen situation, and let the battery die. after that, it'll go to a stage where it wont charge, boot, connect, or show any activity except vibrating continuously on the power button pressed.

when that happens, take it to the service center. tell them chalte chalte band ho gayi. dont even mention flashing etc. tell you were using a reliance sim throughout.

if they ask confused, tell them clearly to replace the PCB.

once that is done, please clean your sdcard of any dubious files, and then flash my rom.

swarim khan said...

iwant to roll back to previous rom and locked tab how can i do it

Rocky Murpani said...

I have sussesfully unlocked 2 rim tab's
Is it possiable to enable video calling plz help masters

youmax said...

hello Capt. Sarthi Longani
I need to do a backup before installing the rom that you provide yourself, for that
I need to install the recovery of clockwork and I could not do. flashing
your rom is already installed a recovery?

youmax said...

hi Capt. Sarthi Longani!, I need to do a backup before installing the rom that you provide yourself, for that
I need to install the recovery of clockwork and I could not do. flashing
your rom is already installed a recovery?

ro1407 said...

Sarthi, any suggestions on what should i do. Is there any command in adb which can remove the firmware or which can allow me to install one click recovery so that i can boot in recovery mode.

Anonymous said...

please guide how you have customized the boot screen with air india picture?

Palak Singhvi said...

Sir flashmy tab but not getting network my imei changed

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

service centre. get the PCB changed.

once done and home, before flashing any ROM, remove that 'image' folder.

for everyone: I'll advise you to take out the microSD card before flashing. this will prevent such accidents.

Unknown said...

capt. did you get the to solve wifi mac address problem.... plss short is as quickly as u can... thanks

Anonymous said...

capt. please guide how you have customized the boot screen with air india picture?

swarim khan said...

plz provise original stock rom without any changes.....i want that to restore my tab like it was previously. ..thank u plz...

Capt. Sarthi Longani said... is the link to the stock V9C ROM.

as for the bootscreen, honestly, even i'll have to look for the procedure. that was mostly hit-n-trial what worked for me.

wifi mac issue is already solved. kindly read the comments thoroughly.

youmax said...

hi, if i flash the boot.img file is in your archive can do root in my
rom 2.3.5?

Rocky Murpani said...

The stock rom will lock to reliance again? To use warranty?

Katti Raghu said...

Flashed, thanks and God bless you. Every things works except wifi. I am not able to locate NV_4319 file.
Please help me out

Kind regards,

Katti Raghu said...

I have located and corrected the settings, But have new problems. It is not accepting service provider's push messahes like settings and 3G, video calling is not working.

Please suggest

Shubham_Sharma said...

plz help me..
otherwise tell me the procedure to make my tab earlier one without rooting.

raj said...

hi sarthi,
tried doind everything above mentioned wifi still isnt working
kindly help

Katti Raghu said...

After rooting insert the Relaince sim, You get GPRS on( desable wifi) , Download ES file explorer and correct the 4319 and 4329 .txt files and save. Note both mac adresses are different.

Now enable wifi.

It worz.

Katti Raghu said...

Hi Sarathi,
Any help on video calling. Please .... more helpfull in vid conf for office.

Anonymous said...

hi tab is not goooing to ftm mode .....after unllocking by your method.......and one more thing by mistake i deleted my systemui.apk from system app...and now my status bar has vanished not coming.....plz help me with this plz plzz...i want my status bar again .........and ftm mode also when i press power +vol- key it reboots the tab me for god sake..........plz
from swarim

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

everyone, who is facing any problems, please comment on the new post above. due to some error in blogger, I am not able to view your comments here.

Shubham_Sharma said...

My Tab does'nt support any sim even my Relaince sim also not working.

pls help me

REGHU said...

thanks a loooot booosss

Anonymous said...

thanks brother for your hard work
today I unlocked my Reliance tab effortlessly

thanks once again.

नवीन जैन said...

Except front camera everything working great....thanx to all of you :-)

swarim khan said...

Hey can you manage to port 4.0 in this tab please is is best in android could you port it plz do check for this plzz and reply...........

swarim khan said...

Actually you have lost your imei.....restore it with v9 flasher....
Coz it once happened with me too

Abdul Momin said...

Hi captain, just wanted to know if there is any way to simply root the tab, no unlocking and no flashing, just simply rooting. Thanks a ton for the supeb work.

naffy said...

bro my tab is unlocked but my touch screen is not working,plz help me

naffy said...

bro my tab is unlocked but my touch screen is not working,plz help me out

Anonymous said...

I could get back my wifi.. as directed by singh sahib(Jan 29). Downloaded ES file explorer from market via GPRS connectivity.
11. Open ES File Explorer on ZTE V9C Tab
12. Go to Settings > Root Settings > Root Explorer and check the box. SuperUser will come up and ask for you to confirm giving the application root access. Confirm OK.
13. Go to Settings > Root Settings > Mount File System and check the box. In same settings of ES file explorer, set HOME Directory as /system/etc inplace of default /sdcard.
14. Navigate to "/system/etc/nv_4319.txt" and "/system/etc/4329.txt". This may be tricky but the files are there. Just make sure you're not looking the SD Card or the Data folder. Use the "Folder Up" button at the top if you need to.
15. Open both files with ES Note Editor. Scroll down until you find entries #macaddr=[your mac address] and underneath that is macaddr=11:22:33:44:55:66. For both files change 11:22:33:44:55:66 to [your mac address] (they will be different). Make sure to save each file before exiting.
16. Go back to Settings > Root Settings > Mount File System and uncheck the box.
Reboot machine (power on & off). It will work

Thank u all

Jisties said...

Recovery image unrecognized after installation. Why did this happen? I can't install cyanogenmod. Help me pls.

Abdul Momin said...

I confirm that the above worked liked a charm. I ws able to successfuly root as well as restore my wifi

Abdul Momin said...

Rule # 1 = Follow the steps exactly as mentioned. Do write down your WIFI Mac address somewhere.
Rule # 2 = No deviations and no mixing of one procedure with another. Also dont try and experiment..
Rule # 3 = once flashing done, just power up the device and use this to restore WIFI MAC
I could get back my wifi.. as directed by singh sahib(Jan 29). Downloaded ES file explorer from market via GPRS connectivity.
11. Open ES File Explorer on ZTE V9C Tab
12. Go to Settings > Root Settings > Root Explorer and check the box. SuperUser will come up and ask for you to confirm giving the application root access. Confirm OK.
13. Go to Settings > Root Settings > Mount File System and check the box. In same settings of ES file explorer, set HOME Directory as /system/etc inplace of default /sdcard.
14. Navigate to "/system/etc/nv_4319.txt" and "/system/etc/4329.txt". This may be tricky but the files are there. Just make sure you're not looking the SD Card or the Data folder. Use the "Folder Up" button at the top if you need to.
15. Open both files with ES Note Editor. Scroll down until you find entries #macaddr=[your mac address] and underneath that is macaddr=11:22:33:44:55:66. For both files change 11:22:33:44:55:66 to [your mac address] (they will be different). Make sure to save each file before exiting.
16. Go back to Settings > Root Settings > Mount File System and uncheck the box.
Reboot machine (power on & off). It will work

Mehul said...

Hi.I plan to unlock my R tab.
My main reason for unlocking tab is very poor net speed from Reliance during the last 4 months.
I understood the procedure for unlocking tab and restoring wifi.
But,can u tell me where i can find steps for BRINGING BACK THE OEM OS after unlocking tab and restoring wifi ?
My tab is still under warranty
Is there a way by which i can prevent the service centre people from knowing that i have unlocked my tab if there are any problems in the warranty period in future ?
I am aware that in normal circumstances warranty will void if i unlock the tab.
But i would really appreciate if u think over and come up with a solution to disguise the service centre people and claim warranty inspite of unlocking the tab.
I know that ur method is full proof, but just wanted an opinion whether there are any problems occurring after unlocking such as touchscreen,auto orientation,front,rear camera,Bluetooth.

jhan said...

I am from the philippines..does this work on my TAB that is a ZTE Light Tab V9C....kernel has GB_v9_GENERICv10.0.0B06...could you please help me...

Mr. Stock rom is gingerbread...can I root this using your procedure above.

Sorry I am a NOOB.

Thank YOU

Anirudh said...

The status of the tab as of now. It is unlocked. No wi-fi, no messages, no super user. Cannot go to FTM mode as it hangs while pressing power and vol- buttons. However, if vol+ and vol- buttons are pressed it is identified in the device manager(com port) but could not see the "Ready" status while using sales_multi* file.

Anonymous said...

Use this rom ,gps ok? Thanks!

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

nope. it won't.

Anonymous said...

No auto-rotation please help...

Anonymous said...

thanx a million for helping me get rid of reliance. iam using BSNL. altho initially i had trouble with Wi-Fi like the others who have posted here i have Wi-Fi back after changing the nv_4319 nv_4329 files appropriately. however i am unable to send and recieve SMS. please help. thanx in advance,

Vipul Valecha said...

HEY thanx for the all the steps in detailed .
I got my tab unlock everthng is working properly except i can't find my messages anywhere icon of messages and when ever i receive a message display glows thats it ....I cn't see my messages plz help

I followed your blog properly ...but in section 2 i.e updating cwm tab is not rebooting after installing recovery says "currently installed recovery unrecognized" and i can't boot in recovery mode of ftm ..

please Capt. Sarthi Longani help me out

vipul valecha

Sahil The man said...

Hello, mr. sarthi.

i have succesfully unlocked my tab from the clutches of reliance!

one small query?
can we uninstall the zeam launcher which is supplid stock with this rom?
it makes it look slow!
please do answer! i am just about to do that!

swarim khan said...

hey..!!!!! Sarthi ..can you do me a know how to pack the system.img file coz i have downloaded a rom in which system.img is unpacked so i want to repack it and flash it in my rel 3g tab.....soo plzz help brother i am in need and do reply fast...CAPTAIN...

swarim khan said...

yes if you have zte v9c than it will definately work.....

Sahil The man said...

Hello sarthi,

i completed the unlocking successfully usng your steps and have further overclocked my tab, without a effect on my battery life!

one thing which irritaTING ME IS THE email app which came stock with this device, it was seamless though i am not able to find it anywhere!

Can you please help me in recovering that App

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

genuine concern. I have noted it, and will let you know here in a few days, the link to the apk and how to set it up.

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

I appreciate when people ask me solutions to genuine problems. but many, unlike you, keep repeating comments with the things I have already warned.

your answer: you cannot uninstall it. what you have to do is, install LauncherPro from the market. its pretty fast, and the best for this tab as far as I have noticed.

once you reboot after installation, it'll ask you to choose the default launcher. set launcher pro. from now on, it'll not use zeam.

if you still want zeam out, you can delete it from /system/app folder, though i'll advise you to let it remain. it wont do any harm once LauncherPro is active.

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

install handcent mms OR go sms pro from the market.

Capt. Sarthi Longani said...

if it is identified, it will flash when you press DOWNLOAD/START ALL button, even without the green READY sign.

super user and FTM should be back after doing a re-flash with the proper file and steps.

messages/wifi solutions already discussed.

swarim khan said...

hey !!! can u create a new rom....with all yours files with all that stock apps /................i meannone application suld be deleted in it but it should be rooted...plz can u do this broo

Sahil The man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sahil The man said...

Yeah, i am using the Launcher Pro.
and i must say that it one of the fastest launcher's i have used, and find it better than even SPB shell 3D owning to its simplicity.

But will removing the zeam launcher not affect the system?
because as i believe it is webbed inside the modded ROM.
or is there anyway to get the original launcher back?
the one which came stock with this TABLET?

thanks in advance,


Usama said...

Hey thanks for the awesome help for unlocking the reliance tab. I successfully unlocked it after following your instruction here and then opened it, played around for a few minutes but then I carried the same process again. It failed. I did it again until it was successful but this time however it did not boot up but loaded the FTM screen. So now every time I press the power button it opens the FTM screen and even after carrying the steps you mentioned above and getting a success message it shows the FTM screen when i press the power button. I hope you can help me out with this

Zigmee said...

does ny1 know a way to change the static boot logo,dat air india one or a way to remove it??if u knw den plez share.

Sahil The man said...

Ello captain any update on the email?

I have beeen waiting!

thanks in advance!

azim said...

after rooting my reliance tab wifi is not working (MAC address problem)and there is also problem with the network.

idrish said...

i am start the phone Air India boot screen comes. how can i use clockworkmod and how to install cm7

Faiz said...

Hi Captain. I also tried it and did all process as described but stuck on ftm screen after airindia logo.
Flashed again 3 times in ftm mode but no luck. Any advice?

Siddharthkota said...

there sarthi? Where are you?
You are not replying to mails also!

vinod said...

Working well Unlocked and wifi fixed after installing root explorer and edited the file with same wifi mac address..........absolutely awesome.
salute to u @ Cap. Sarthi Longani.

Arun Murali said...

Hello Captain,
My tab goes into the FTM mode but does not show anything on the screen... its blank.... also wen i select the COM port, it doesnot show my tab name and ready too.... pls tell me how to resolve this.... i have tried this a lot many times....

Arun Murali said...

now it says backup NV fail!!!

Nizam said...

i tried it bt still nt wrking

Sarthi Longani said...

cooking ROMs takes time, and I don't have any to waste. sorry.

Sarthi Longani said...

backup/restore NV works only if the FTM mode is working properly. you need to follow steps in the polite reminder post.

Anonymous said...

Any solution for video calling and flash player?? Please help!!!

nikhildesale said...

i dont mind if my wifi doesn't work...but i want my touch screen mate...i have not tried rooting ye caus i am afraid and i dont know much about rooting....
should i give it a try?

ro1407 said...

Capt. I just bought Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-I589. I would like to know wether you can provide me the rooting files for it. It Yes then kindly send me the link so that i can download the same and root my phone.

Sunil Soni said...


How can i use internet on this tab without Reliance services & WiFi. Now I am using Vodafone servies in this phone, but his APN services is not working on it for internet services. Can you please suggest me on it.

Sunil Soni

kamlesh singhai said...

Even I`m having same problem. Please help

Animesh Vyas said...

tab booting to FTM screen after air india logo, followed all the procedures as per instructions; any idea wats going wrong?

Kabir said...

could not find rom mentioned above. What do you open it with????

Sudeep said...

unable to mount the system....does not allow to do so.

Sudeep said...

wifi issue resolved visit :

if your problem solved plz mail me :

Kabir said...

where is the rom ?????????????????

Anonymous said...

want to repair ur wifi contact

Anonymous said...

after unlocking everything is ok...wifi is also running...but the problem is that my default messaging app is no more....and i cant even receive messages....even after installing any messaging software...plzzz help....

vanilaguy said...

send me email at
taga cavite lang ako. tulungan kita.

vanilaguy said...

taga cavite ako. contact me tulungan kita.

vipul mahadik said...

i m vipul..
i hav tried unlocking my tab by following steps...
the step of backup NV failed...
so i directly clicked on download NV..
now while bootin my tab it gets stuck on boot screen...
the screen is "FTM"...
i m afraid that i hav damaged my tab totally..
can anyone plzzz help me out..???

MacKeshawb said...

the file is only for publisher ... please send for public

Anonymous said...

Guys thanks roto ure team for the effort.the only issueleft is the operatpr logo and boot screen whixh is still there how dp we remove this i have unlocked using the steps mentioned.

Sunil Soni said...

I found solution of internet use via GPRS (Vodafone or Airtel). Download APN Manager & remove all the reliance APN's.

ravi singh said...

Video calling

Animesh Vyas said...

Tablet works fine after this, but its not picking up operator signals, at times Internet works even without signals in status bar! any idea wats wrong?

Animesh Vyas said...

tab is not picking up operator signal now, also at times Internet works without signal detection in status bar! any ideas?

Animesh Vyas said...

my tab is not picking up operator signals after this for any operator other then BSNL! also ny idea wats wrong?

Mahesh said...

Hello Capt. Sarthi,
I tried the steps specified above (to unlock and root my Reliance device), but managed to freeze my screen. the touchscreen does not work anymore.
Can you kindly help me with this?

Thank you.

Sarthi Longani said...

Touchscreen, at times, doesn't work when steps from the CyanogenMod instructions are mixed up.

aditrajesh said...

Hi, I couldn't download the file. It says "The file you requested has limited access: Publisher only." Please reply

durg3sh said...

sarthi i am not able to enter in FTM mode plzzz help meee........

durg3sh said...

sarthi i am not able to enter FTm mode plzzz help mee

Vishwas Massey said...

great work SINGH SAHIB...u are a savior

samarth bajaj said...

hi mr. sarthi m a newbie towards the zte workings and after all my research i got to know that u r the one to be contacted
i cant find ur file jugaad as its named at any place and specially 4shared cause it say only accesible by the publisher
i am in real mess sir i toally need ur help if u dont mind sir please share thhat romn of yours with me i'll be really thankfull sir
sincerely an admirer

Anonymous said...

Found one Cynomod stable version for ZTE light tab v9. Link

Hope it will solve all problems.. I never tested, Hope it will a ray of hope.

mohit singhani said...

i couldn find jugaad file plz say another link to download jugaad

dj said... The .rar is not getting from this link, can anybody help me out plz.

dj said...

Please check the link provided.. there is no any downloads available.

SwaggDee said...

HI Cant get the file it says The file you requested has limited access: Publisher only. And also i would like to know if this will work for 3G Tab V9A

ktcomputers said...

WiFi issue solved but after 1 or 2 hour sim dosent detect i mean network dosent come can any 1 can help me mail me on

SwaggDee said...

Hi Guys, please help.

Im getting this error:
2012.11.23 13:14:7¡ª¡ªswitch to DownLoad mode...
2012.11.23 13:14:19¡ª¡ªDownload armprg.bin...
2012.11.23 13:14:19¡ª¡ªDownload armprg.bin fail!

its not passing the 7/100 mark.
Model is a ZTE Reliance 3G Tab V9A.

Please HELP!!

sneha said...

hello caption, my tab has been rooted via ur roms, was working fine, but from last two days it is not getting start ,

just android boy is showing on again and again,

i have bought this tab from a shop,

now, can u give me the link and full deatil how to flash again, or use ur rom again, thanks , waiting for ur reply , thanks

sneha said...

thanks captain,

i did flashed again my tab, using ur roms,
which i got from some one else blog,
in FREE .

thanks 2 u,

my tab is now working again.
only problem is that. touch dont work while charging.

thanks anyways.

i am so happy,

sneha said...

but if u make ur roms public again, it will surely help others like me,

otherwise, they will also had to search a lot on google, like i did, and got the stuff,

Anonymous said...

download file not available on the site given above
it shows the following error

The file you requested has limited access: Publisher only.

Amit Kumar Khare said...

Hi, first of all "Happy New Year"

Nice post thanks for your help, but I am unable to download file "" is says limited access. please upload it and send me al ink. thanks in advance.

GM said... not working. could you please share this file thru another download link?

Reliancetab Tab said...

link not working. please link address post again.

Jaspal Virdi said...

i am in problem my v9c tab is not go on FTM mode...i have already unlocked my tab last 2 month ago. from your instructions and file..

when i press power on button and vol (-) your splash is air india and your blog address is fixed ...but my tab is not go in FTM mode..
and when i press power on button android logo is come 2 time when 3 time come logo is hang and start again ...this problem is continuously...kindly Ple Help me ...

Anonymous said...

Please share the ROM... The link here says that the file has limited access (publisher only)...

Jaspal Virdi said...

i am in problem my v9c tab is not go on FTM mode...i have already unlocked my tab last 2 month ago. from your instructions and file..

when i press power on button and vol (-) your splash is air india and your blog address is fixed ...but my tab is not go in FTM mode..
and when i press power on button android logo is come 2 time when 3 time come logo is hang and start again ...this problem is continuously...kindly Ple Help me ...

Harpreet Singh said...

When i'm Clicking on the Link given.
its show the message "The file you requested has limited access: Publisher only"..
SO how can i download This ROM..
Please Help me

Randhir Singh said...

When i'm Clicking on the Link given.
its show the message "The file you requested has limited access: Publisher only"..
SO how can i download This ROM..
Please Help me

Randhir Singh

Parag Agarwal said...

Hi Sarthi,
I want to restore the original boot image while switching on the tab. I do not want the air india boot logo. Can you tell me how do i do that?

~AmaN~ said...

why you guys spamming,

Anonymous said...

recently bought a ZTE V6700 Reliance CDMA Handset. It has lots of bloatware and i want to root it.
I have tried various rooting procedures for the phone but its not working.
I even got the ZTEMT Tool Studio and the Stock ROM of ZTE V6700., but dont know how to use it.
can you please help me rooting it.
drop me an email on

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

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harpoon said...

Can't download the file you mentioned... it says "publisher access only".. can you please help on this...would truly appreciate...

harpoon said...

Can't download the file you mentioned... it says "publisher access only".. can you please help on this...would truly appreciate...

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